Brand Activation & Promotion

Inshop Promotion

We are the leading event and promotional marketing company engaged in the business of Inshop Promotions and other related activities etc. We are having years of experience in advertising and promoting brands of consumer packaged goods, merchandising and other retail activities. We have a dedicated team of professional trainers to impart training to the team placed for Inshop Promotions and retail activities by the clients.

Inshop Promotion Activity

We are one of the leading company providing Inshop brand Promotion to the clients. We are using various types of innovative and creative techniques for the brand promotion. For stores and their suppliers we are using a variety of marketing vehicles to promote brands, including shelf-edge talkers, gondola end-cards, in-store coupons, messages on the floor, and TV monitors etc. We provide all the training to the staff appointed to carry out this activity and for this we have committed team of experts.